Thank you for requesting the Truth Family Chiropractic 10-Day Meal Plan & Recipe Book.

As a family, we seldom eat out, and try to home cook our meals as much as possible.  By no means are we perfect in our diets, but ultimately we are the people responsible for what goes in the grocery cart and then gets put away in the cupboard. If there are only good choices to choose from at home, that will eventually become the norm. The transition to whole, clean foods doesn’t happen overnight and can seem overwhelming. Simply start small and continue to add something new each day.  This is where the “grocery list” I have compiled along with the E.P. True team comes into play.  This list shows what goes into our baskets and into our homes and where to buy it for less.

This is purely a guide to assist with finding whole, organic foods for you and your family.  Enjoy! — Dr. Kevin Miller

EPTC_ Updated 10-day Meal Plan

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