At Truth Family Chiropractic, we warmly welcome our littlest clients! Indeed, chiropractic for kids isn’t merely an afterthought – it’s an integral part of our practice. Countless parents are witnessing the incredible advantages that come with their children engaging in chiropractic care every day. These benefits encompass improved sleep, enhanced behavior and attitude, and a bolstered immune system function.

Our entire staff enjoys seeing children in our practice and will always create a positive experience for them. We know that starting chiropractic care while young can create wonderful benefits and ensure that your child grows up as healthy as possible.

Chiropractic for Wellbeing

By adolescence, kids may clock in up to 11 hours of total screen time every day. Most of the time, they sit in a slumped position or a way that doesn’t properly support the spine.

Overall, modern life neglects the support a healthy spine requires. The impact can be especially problematic for growing children and teens. Many things they use every day – the backpacks they carry, shoes they wear, and bedding they sleep in – put them at an increased risk for spinal misalignment.

Our doctors at Truth Family Chiropractic can address a diverse array of issues with kids, including persistent crying and feeding problems in infants to asthma and learning disorders in teens. Headaches and chronic ear infections are other common reasons that kids visit a chiropractor.

One survey of chiropractic care of children under 18 years found that 24 percent of visits were for prevention, especially for children younger than four. It’s never too early to introduce your children to the many benefits that chiropractic can provide!

Chiropractors are uniquely trained to address these issues. Through adjustments as well as incorporating nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle factors, they play a critical role in the development of kids now and as they grow into becoming healthy adults.

Chiropractic for Sports Injuries

Around 40 percent of under-18 chiropractor visits are due to musculoskeletal conditions, which can especially occur as children grow older. These can range from short-lived problems such as fractures and sprains to chronic pain and disability.

Besides pain, musculoskeletal conditions can limit someone’s mobility and ability to do everyday things such as playing sports. Over time, these conditions may also limit your child’s mental well-being.

Chiropractic care can help kids who have been injured, but regular visits can also prevent injuries from occurring. Bringing back the body to its ideal state can ward off injuries, promote healing and repair, and support the growing bodies of children so they become healthy, active adults.

Chiropractic for Stress

Children and adolescents experience many forms of stress. One survey found that almost 45 percent of high schoolers felt stressed “all the time.” The Covid-19 pandemic has only amplified that stress while creating new stressors for many kids. Over time, this stress can manifest as obesity, depression, and many other diseases.

Chiropractors are trained to address specific stressors and provide coping strategies that will help your child excel in any area of life. Especially during this challenging time, giving your child the skills to manage life’s inevitable stressors is critical.

Chiropractic for Sleep

Up to half of children will experience a sleep problem. Even minor disruptions in sleep can impact learning, socialization, and other areas of a child’s life.

Anyone who has struggled with a sleepless child knows how it can impact everyone living with that child. Chiropractic care can help. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 40 percent of infants sleep better after just one visit to a chiropractor. Chiropractic care can address the sleeplessness that any child or teen might experience.

What Can Kids Expect at a Chiropractic Visit?

For many children and teens, that first visit to a chiropractor might be a bit nerve-wracking. Knowing what to expect can help.

During the initial visit, your child might have specific adjustments based on his or her unique condition along with an exam of the spine. Your chiropractor might take x-rays or otherwise analyze the spine for a closer look.

The adjustment itself is usually a short part of the appointment. Afterward, your chiropractor will likely help you to make better lifestyle decisions, including personalized exercises and posture techniques. These recommendations will be custom-tailored based on the child and his or her condition.

Chiropractic care could be the missing link that empowers your child to be healthy and happy now and in the future.

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